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Energy Arts: Performing Arts Programs


Their future is our passion...


Established in 1990, Energy Arts is a dance studio offering dance classes to all ages in Marysville, Ohio. Whether you are 2 or 92, the spirit and soul of dance can be yours! We are proud to offer our diverse programs that range from the very young dancer to adults. Whether you want to dance for fun or join our more intensive performing competition teams, Energy Arts classes will enable you to gain confidence, poise and add joy and passion to your life. Click the tabs in the drop-down menu above to see the many programs we have to offer!
We also have performance (competitive) teams for students ages 5+. These classes are in addition to our regular schedule and offer a more advanced atmosphere for students who want to pursue dance as a serious student. Please contact the studio for more information!
​Inspiring kids to be the best they
can be for 30 years!
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