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Dance & Acro

for ages 5+

As you will see from the following list, our dance programs are numerous! If you don’t see a class time for your child’s age group, please call us and we can help you with placement.

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• Kindercombo (ages 5-6):  This class is offered for the kindergarten student. The class combines 1/2 hour of ballet and a 1/2 hour of tap instruction for a full hour dance class. This is a wonderful introduction to both dance forms for the kindergarten child. Special curriculum builds on our preschool program to further the kindergartener's dance education.

• Classical Ballet Program (age 6+): Ballet is available for students of all ages. Ballet is the foundational form of dance, developing posture, poise, carriage, grace, confidence, and muscle tone. We are proud to use the Cechetti technique in our ballet classes and our classes consist of barre, center floor and across-the-floor combinations, turns, and jumps. An emphasis on correct ballet terminology and technique is stressed.

• Tap (age 6+): Tap is available for students of all ages. Tap is wonderful for the development for coordination and rhythm. This is also fantastic training for the mind in memorization. It is fun, fast-paced, aerobic and rewarding. The footwork learned in tap is valuable for study in jazz and hip-hop.

• Jazz (age 7+): This class is recommended for the student of 7 or older. Jazz is the study of dance and music of popular culture emphasizing flexibility, strength and style. Class format includes a general warm-up, technical focus, stretching, traveling across the floor, and a dance combination. Steps and music are merged using jazz, popular, latin, hip hop and theatrical styles of music.

• Lyrical (age 9+): Lyrical dance is the marriage of ballet technique with a jazz style that culminates in an expressive, emotional dance form. One of the most popular dance forms in the professional world, the lyrical (or contemporary) dancer must be well-versed in both jazz and ballet technique. Therefore, this class is for students grades 3+. Emphasis on expressive style, turns and leaps will be the focus of this class.

• Hip Hop (age 5+): Geared for the upbeat student who wants to learn the latest moves! Hip Hop encompasses a wide range of street dance such as popping and locking, funk, street jazz and breaking. Students are encouraged (but not required) to take another class along with hip hop to gain even more technique in their dance repertoire. 

• Acro/Tumbling (age 5+): Our tumbling program consists of tumbling skills, with spring mats and low beam for strength and balance. Tumblings skills are taught individually in combinations, and in run passes. Emphasis in correct body placement and alignment are stressed. Acro is a fun class and will enhance a student in coordination, strength, agility and self-confidence.

Why choose

Energy Arts?

With caring faculty that continues to educate themselves yearly in the latest dance techniques, safety and program elements, Energy Arts offers a quality dance education unrivaled in the area.

Low student - teacher ratio. Our preschool classes are a maximum of 10 students and our primary classes are a maximum of 12.

Highly qualified teachers - our teachers are adults who have taught for a number of years and worked with a myriad of different students. They are experienced and it shows!

We offer the only classical ballet program in Union County. Using the Cechetti ballet teaching method with classical ballet technique, our students progress into outstanding dancers.

Three sprung floor teaching rooms with Marley dance floors. These give students the best flooring for their dance classes.

The opportunity to perform around the area and a comprehensive performance company if the student wants to train more seriously.

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