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Programs for the Very Young Dancer (ages 2-5)
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Our philosophy on preschool dance...

     Whether they are moving along to the beat or singing their favorite tune, it's undeniable that preschoolers love music. They do not, however, realize how music and dance benefits their emotional, cognitive and physical development. The benefits of enrolling your child in a dance class go beyond the classroom. 

     Our Preschool program is carefully crafted to benefit the young student. The young student and their unique needs and the incredible ability to learn and grow is deserving of the time, energy and expertise we give to composing our program. Attention spans are short at this age, so from our 29+ years of experience, we’ve found 30 minutes is an excellent length of time for classes. This gives the student a very successful, positive class each week while not tiring or losing their attention. Each class is tailored to one dance form thus allowing the students to really learn technique and terminology and gives a longer period of dance time than if the class was divided into different forms.

     Classes are filled with creativity and imagination and above all the class moves quickly to keep little minds engaged and absorbed so that the student can learn and grow while having fun and learning valuable life lessons. We also firmly believe in small class sizes--Our preschool classes are a MAX of 10 students and our primary classes (kindergarten and above) are a MAX of 12 students. This way we can always focus attention on your shining star!

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Preschool class descriptions

Dance with Me/Tumble with Me: Share the gift of dance with your child! This class is designed for the very young dancer/tumbler in mind and is for ages 2-3 with parental involvement. Students will participate in class with a parent guiding their steps. Basic motor skills, interaction, rhythm and more are taught in these fun classes. This 8 session class prepares the young student to join pre-school classes when they turn three. 

PreBallet: Simple classical ballet technique and terminology are taught while focusing on stretching, balance and gross motor skills. Creativity and musicality factor highly into classes while still being imaginative and technique-oriented. 

PreTap: Rhythm and movement are the focus of this upbeat class as students learn basic tap steps and sounds. Musicality is especially important, and students who love to move have a blast with this class. The action never stops!

PreAcro: So you have a tumble monkey at your house? This class is an accelerated tumbling program with balance and strength exercises incorporated. Students learn at an individual pace as components of tumbling such as arm strength and coordination are grasped.

Mini Hip Hop: Geared for the energetic, fun mover, this class is full of fun and imagination! Presented in a 30 minute class, we engage your little dancer in rhythm, movement and fun. This class is best geared for ages 4-6 and includes floor work and hip hop technique.

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