Musical Theatre

Performing skills build students into something more than just an on-stage occupant. They allow the dancer to become expressive, the vocalist to excite their audience and the stage performer to become a whole new character! Our Musical Theatre/Drama classes are a way for the student to explore everything about the on-stage experience.​

• Musical Theatre: Musical Theatre combines all aspects of a Broadway musical including drama, characterization, singing and dancing. Classes vary from week to week with an emphasis on different aspects of theatrical ability. The class will focus on Broadway styles and the characters and acting that can be portrayed through singing and dancing. Classes will focus on all aspects of theatre performance including: dialect, movement styles, facial expression, blocking and vocal inflection as a wide range of styles are explored such as comedy, tragedy, farce and musical theatre. This is not a dance class to Broadway music, but instead it is a total Theatre class! Musical Theatre classes offered: Thursdays at 7:45 p.m. There will be an older Musical Theatre class scheduled with enough interest!



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