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Krista Beery-Fairchild, Owner & Director

Patty Beery, Founder

Energy Arts

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You are never too old to enjoy

the joy and passion of dance!

Our adult classes are great exercise that is fun and exciting to do! Give yourself the opportunity to stretch your body and mind--destress with dance! We offer many different types of adult dance classes!


• Tap: If you are hesitant about tap—don’t be! This fast and intricate footwork style is taught from the beginning. In no time, you will see yourself moving your feet in those tap shoes with the music. Class includes barre work (taught through a progressive tap syllabus), across the floor and center floor combinations as well as routine work. Tap is great for your mind as well as your body! Join us for a full-body benefit!! Please call the studio for more information. Attire: Comfortable clothes and tap shoes. (Tap shoes are available at the studio).

• Ballroom: Dancing with the stars—or rather, hoping to dance with the stars? Ballroom is the newest rage on the dance floor and you will be equipped with three new dance forms in our six-week ballroom sessions. An advanced ballroom duo will teach the basics to prepare you for a full night of dancing. Singles or couples are welcome to attend as proper technique will be taught to both. Past styles for the class have included Rumba, Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, ChaCha and Salsa. Different sessions will concentrate on different styles, so be prepared to learn again and again!  Attire: Comfortable clothes and shoes that are comfortable to dance in.  Ballroom offered: Fridays at 7:00 p.m. Ballroom classes are 6 weeks in length, next session begins in early October!

• Hip Hop: One of the newest forms of dance, hip hop is fun, fast and exciting to learn. This street-type of dance is for the upbeat, adventurous adult—or one who wants to experience what they have seen on TV. Class includes warm-up of the entire body, across the floor combinations and steps and routine work to the latest music. All the moves are broken down but your own style is encouraged! Attire: Comfortable clothes and clean tennis shoes  Please call the studio for more information.